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Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is the leading Smart Card and Identity Assurance Solutions providers for the Communication Sector, e-Government, & Banking Sector. The company state of the art technology, provides fully integrated platform, enabling organization to issue, manage and use identity devices and credentials for secure access, communications and legally binding of digital transaction. Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is the exclusive GSM SIM Card manufacturing company in Pakistan. In recent time Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd have provided the tailor made model, for the Biometric Verification Solution, for the SIM Issuance in Pakistan, which is a very smart, effective and state of the art solution and has been deployed in South Region successfully. We have already developed digitalization of Banking Industry in Pakistan, in which we provide the complete Tracking Systems, Branchless Banking Platform, ERP Solution, Digital Financial Payments Platform, Know Your Customer Verification Solutions and Mobile Wallet solution. Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd spreads the IoT Platforms, Smart Cities Platform, Transportation Engineering Platform and Fintech Platform at different Industries and segments of Pakistan, in order to cover the requirements of the new era. Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd have proficiency in the Artificial Intelligence & Software Development. Company is ISO9001, 14001, ITIL 20000, 27001 and CMMI Level II certified. Further, Kwick High Tech & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is Oracle Gold Partner and member of P@sha and PSEB.

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